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February 2020


Jealousy Management – A Four-Session Workshop (English)

February 2, 9, 16 & 23., Prenzlauer Berg – By Ana Morin, Sex Therapist

Ana Morin
This workshop will give you the knowledge and tools for dealing with jealousy for years to come. It consists of four weekly 90-minute Sunday-sessions.

We will work in small groups with up to eight people and the specific issues of each participant will be addressed.

This workshop is for both people who want to live in an open relationship and also those who want to be monogamous.

To get an idea of questions and issues covered in these sessions, please read my post about jealousy:

Address: Immanuelkirchstr. 22, Prenzlauer Berg

Cost: 80 € for all four sessions

Please register here:

Ana Morin, HP Psychotherapy – Sex Therapist & Polyamory Counsellor –

Seminar with Ilan: “Love and Rage”

8. – 9. Februar 2020, language english

By Ilan Stephani

LoveAndRage is a somatic journey for all genders, both singles and couples.

Two intense days in Berlin – an inner adventure drawing its tools from healing therapies, knowledge about developmental trauma, collective shadow work, neurophysiology, movement, bodywork and spirituality, combining science and intuition, longing and courage.

LOVE AND RAGE is about:

how to get to know and express your boundaries
how to create deep harmony in relationships

– troubleshooting when we tap into our rage
– how to identify and deal with projections – from yourself and with those around you
– how to open your heart (and why it could close)
– how to differentiate between love and neediness
– basic principles for communication around rage
– how rage can contribute to a world of balance, trust and peace

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The Temple of Desire – A Journey into the Alchemy of Shame

13. Feb. um 13:00 – 16. Feb. um 19:00, Berlin-Wedding

Our suppressed desires contain profound wisdom about our journey to wholeness. They are a direct expression of life force running through our body, showing us the way to our soul-purpose and towards the unwinding of our sacred wounding and the the profound alchemical gold hidden within it.

Unfortunately most of us haven’t yet received the tools and the insight to crack open this chest and claim the gold. For many of us, our deepest desires are hidden under seemingly endless layers of shame, guilt and fear – and our culture and society constantly reinforce these layers, instead Of empowering us to break through them.

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