School Of Temple Arts: Freedom, Love and Joy (June/July 2019)


Thousands of people on 5 continents have attended the ISTA training over the past 10 years and have been radically changed for the better by uncovering reactive patterns and transforming them into conscious ways of being.

Spiritual, Sexual, Shamanic – Each of these areas carries enormous potential for freedom, love and joy, as well as for healing & integrating our golden and painful shadow aspects. As we come to know all these aspects, we begin to see what it means to be awake, empowered, in community, and in service as love in the world.

The training focuses on clearing the physical and emotional body of shame, guilt and fear related to sexuality and authenticity. The deeper transformation comes from reconnecting to your personal power. In exploring sexuality, we create a fast path to encountering the challenges and gifts of fully owning our own power.

The transformation is supported through multiple pathways using the best of the ancient temple arts including the wisdom of Tantra, Taoism, and different traditions of Shamanism, as well as modern day techniques. The inner masculine and inner feminine archetypes are explored because when they are fully integrated, a door opens to a deeper knowing of the Self as whole and complete.

A team of skilled Temple Arts faculty will share, inspire, guide and support you to bring light to the shadows where your power awaits to be reclaimed. Love is your birthright. Love is your essential nature.

Ort: Neue Spitzmühle, Spitzmühlenweg 2, 15344 Strausberg

Level 1 – The Experience – 22. – 28. Juni und
Level 2 – The Initiation – 30. Juni – 6. Juli

Kosten (Übernachtung und Verpflegung inkludiert): EUR 1.790,-

Sprache: English


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