S*X MAGIC Ritual for Women, 27. Juni 2019

S*X MAGIC Ritual for Women: Conscious Creation for Mother Earth

evgDonnerstag, 27. Juni 2019 von 19:30 bis 22:30

Life Artists Creators Hub – Mila Strasse 4, 10437 Berlin


Whether you are an experienced S*x Witch, tired of manifesting personal things like lovers and travels, or you have no idea what I am talking about and are simply a female flavored human anxious about the state of our beloved Mother Earth and this sounds curious to you – welcome!

If you are curious but have another intention or desire that is very important to you – welcome too!

S*☄x Magic is a potent conscious creation ritual in which we activate and sublimate our life force energy to launch the rocket of our desires out to the Universe, in a unique combination with the sacred medicine of Cacao and live music by Anir Leben.

This time we will come together with the common intention of creating a bright and safe future on Earth for all beings.

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