The Farm invites you to a cuddly Saunaevening

In the middle of gloomy February, we invite you to a sauna party, where you can sweat and chill out – and snuggle and chat in front of the fireplace in the newly opened, super-fluffy studio in the glow of fairy lights.

There’s also a delicious soup; and if you want to, you can de-freeze yourself at the end of the evening by the campfire.
There are many reasons for this: besides reunions and new encounters among dear Farm-bunnies, it is also a good opportunity to get to know the Farm and to see its wintry side.

Another motive: to combine the pleasant and the useful:
We have received a hyper-high energy additional payment and to keep the light at the end of the tunnel affordable, we welcome soli contributions.

When: 10.02., Arrival from 18h until about 00.00

Where: The Farm Berlin in the south of Berlin

Costs: Minimum amount for the whole evening including sauna, soup and chillout space EUR 25,- at the box office.
We are very happy about higher contributions to pay our horrendous electricity bill.

Participation after confirmed registration at: events@liebeskunst.de

Looking forward,
Your Farmcrew