The Intimate Revolution, 1. – 5. Mai

1.-5. Mai 2019, Spitzmühle, Spitzmühlenweg 2, 15344 Strausberg

The Intimate Revolution is a European sex-positive, kink-loving festival inviting you to explore intimacy and connection.

It started with Dr. Jana Studnicka, who, after successfully creating the Art of Sex Festival in cooperation with Schwelle Wien in 2018, decided to initiate sex-positive festivals and events all over Europe.

She assembled a team of like-minded creative free spirits with happy hearts, and together The Intimate Revolution came to life. In its essence, this project is about creating spaces where sex is always an option, but never an obligation.

Spaces where we can leave shaming and indifference at the doorstep and enter a world fueled by warmth and connection. For when we recognize each other as human, when we truly see each other, we find a treasure we thought was lost. It is those moments that make life worth living, moments of authentic intimacy where the spark can be found.



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