Tribal Summer Gathering Berlin 2020

20. Aug. um 14:00 – 25. Aug. um 15:00

Gastgeber: Ron Kleiner

Fahrten-Ferne-Abenteuer Abenteuerzentrum Berlin gemeinnützige GmbH
Eichhörnchensteig 3, 14193 Berlin

Never before the need for a „Tribal Gathering“ was stronger than now.

For endless generations, the keeper of this earth came together in tribal gatherings to restore their balance, the balance and wellbeeing of their tribes and families and the realignment of life itself.

If we loose our roots to this earth.
If we loose our connection to each other.
If we loose our connection to our hearts, souls, bodys and spirit, human life on this earth will be vanishing.
And in the same time, if we loose our playfull light heartedness, our ability to rejoise in the beauty of creation, our ability to laugh, sing and smile, its not serving our paths,too.

So lets come together with a strong intention for a healthy lifeforce for ourselves, our community and this earth and in the same time remind each other for the beauty that this life has to offer.

this is not a festival – this is no party

This is the attempt of a traditional sacred gathering in a way that can integrate the big variety of cultures, lifestyles and belief systems in a modern society.

It is a continuation of a ceremonial path of life that started with the first conscious lifeforms and has an unbroken lineage up to this day.

The „Tribal Gathering Berlin“ is a 6 day shamanic, guided communal journey in a protected and sacred space.
Created to give the best possibilities to heal our wounds and seperatedness and realign our whole beeing and our connection to each other and mother nature.

Our maximum capacity is 250 ppl, but 2020 we will be limited to 150 ppl incl. crew.

To create a safe container, we gather in little clans of 6 ppl, with whom we have each morning clan-time to share from our heart. This circles of trust are widening into the field in the daily big main circle, where representatives of the clans sharing what is going on within us all.
Every clan is cooking one time and is looking after each other during the whole week.Its the place to open up an share our vulnerability.

Every afternoon are different workshops, guided by carefully chosen spaceholders and every evening is another kind of ceremony, including different concerts, singing and sweatlodges.

There is a healing area where different tribal healers will offer their amazing work and people can share their wisdom and techniques around healing work.

We are substance and alcohol free and don’t use coffee, sugar or white flour, while serving organic vegan wholistic health food.
It is child and family friendly❤️.

Our guidelines are passed down from many generations and are coming direct from the original instructions of the great spirit.

We honor the basic elements of life and devote our path to support a peacefull future on planet earth in harmony and respect with nature and all living beeings.

As main organizers and in the structure that carries the gathering, we aim for a balance in all the elements and polarities.

Important Update:

Our main co-creator Liya Haim will most probably not be able to fly from Israel to Berlin, due to the circumstances of the situation worldwide.
Thats why we created a new system, that is more accurate to our time and needs and that will lead us in the best way possible through this one week ceremonial gathering.
There will be an inner circle of trusted friends, where everybody has their special tasks.
This circle will meet daily 1,5 hours with the principles of „Soziokratie“ to divide power, look after each other and let love rule.


Here are the main fokulizers that will hold the gathering equally together:

– Nadine Goldau, Healing Area
– Piti Po, musikalische Leitung
– Chris Tala, technische Leitung
– Ines Izquierdo, Struktur und Ansagen
– Andreas Hummelt, körperliche Sicherheit und Raum der inneren Stille
– Allegra Rout, Yoga und Meditation
– Michelle Bockris, Raum der Kinder
– Wiebke Appel, Raum der Frauen
– Gero Nimo, Raum der Männer
– Joanna Marama, Raum der Menschen und Team-Koordination
– Andreas Amir Mafi, main Firekeeper
– Sandy Kühn, geistige Sicherheit und shamanische Arbeit
– Larissa Domin, main Peacekeeper
– Jakob von Recklinghausen, Schwitzhütten Area
Ron Kleiner, Veranstalter und Initiator


6 Day Ticket incl. evening concerts, ecstatic dance, tribal djs, workshops, ceremonies, morning yoga, meditations, camping AND vegan heath food twice a day AND Kinderbetreuung 5,5 hours daily

330€. – 19.8
360€ at the door (if tickets available,150 tickets max.)
230€ Part Time Helper Ticket

(If you are a student or hartz4 no income, but you want to take part, we are offering the part time helper tickets)

Part Time Helper Tickets are 230€ with 4 hours help daily
These tickets are limited and mainly for young people that cannot afford a normal ticket.

Kids from 3 years old pay 120€ including camping, child care 5,5 hours a day and 2 meals a day..
2nd child 80€ (same parents)
3rd child 60€

Indoor dormitory beds are 50€ extra. ( including blankets and pillows. Bedsheet and blanket/pillow cover are 10€ extra. Or bring your own bedsheet-set)

Camper and Busses on site are 50€ extra


*** das Gathering wird hauptsächlich in deutsch gehalten mit englischer Übersetzung. Internationale Raumhalter werden manche workshops oder Zeremonien auf englisch halten, dann mit deutscher Übersetzung ***





– SWEATLODGE AREA (sweatlodge fee)





-KIDS AREA (free child care 5,5 hours a day included for kids from 3 years old!)

-FOOD AREA with 2 warm vegan health meals a day included

-CONCERT AREA with international medicine music acts



-LUXURY JURTE AREA with SACRED SPACE for WOMEN/MEN SPACE and special intimate workshops

-SWIMING LAKE (Grunewaldsee 2 min away by foot)

Write to tribalgathering@mail.de or call 01797075561 for any questions

Tickets are not refundable but you can sell them or give them away.

If the gathering will be canceled, all tickets will be paid back within 8 days or you can choose to get a voucher for the next „New Years Tribal Gathering Berlin 2020“ or the Summer Gathring in 2021


*we were sold out the last 5 gahtherings*

Write to tribalgathering@mail.de if you have questions or want to purchase a ticket in cash in Berlin