I’m Nahia from Spain and last summer I graduated from high school and decided to take a Gap Year and travel through Europe while I volunteer in ecological projects.

However, this didn’t last much since I decided to base in Berlin in October 🙂 Now I’m learning German so I can apply here to a film university, at the same time that I’m exploring the different subcultures that coexist here and working in a hostel.

This has being a time of exploring and expanding myself and would love to keep  walking in the same direction this year.

I consider myself a passionate and curious person with  a lot of willpower. I consider conexions, nature, traveling, singing and dancing, deliberate solitude as sacred spaces. My passion is making creative projects like movies, photos and events.

I’m interested in a broad short of things: from sustainability and self-sufficiency to feminism, women circles, sexuality and non-monogamy love forms. Health, alternative education and lifestyle, honest-talking, plant-based lifestyle, conciusness, green economy, freedom of movement, human rights…

If you have any question feel free to ask, I would also love to meet.

You can find me on my instagram account: nahiagarciandoin

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