Deeper Love – Temple Night

…is an experiential space where you can connect with your body, your heart and your feelings in a playful, light and joyful way.
On this evening, my offer to you is to connect in playful ease, with yourself and the group. You will learn to create, perceive and hold your presence and to stay completely with yourself in contact with others.
You will learn to create your very own space of safety in this protected space and to perceive, clearly acknowledge, value and verbally express your own boundaries.
What can you take with you?
increased awareness of your presence
– clearer insights into your boundaries
– experience in dealing with individual people
– increased body awareness
– strengthened intuition, sensory perception
– clarity about what you need
– Desire for your dedication to the unknown, full of confidence in life and in your power and greatness.
—> Na and a lot of fun and your love for yourself and your life.
If you feel like taking your step. Let’s do it together. Full of love and trust.
Hasenheide 9, 10967 Berlin
September 13
19:30 – 22:30
(open from 19:15)