Sue Sutherland (Central London, Brighton and Zoom/Skype)

Sue is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, relationship coach, kink and BDSM practitioner, writer, and social activist.

I live and work by the motto ‘Permission to feel what you are feeling’ and I’m passionate about counteracting stigma and shame, particularly around our bodies, our desires and our relationships.

Most of us have experienced trauma in our lives and may have disconnected from parts of ourselves.

Through discovering our voices, exploring our feelings, acknowledging the uncomfortable, establishing our boundaries and honouring both our bodies and our sexuality, we can embrace pleasure with agency and permission.

Consent is sexy! As is being educated and knowing our bodies. Let’s reclaim the sex education we never had at school.

I have experienced chronic pain for much of my adult life and working with pain and scars is a core part of my practice. That said, I also love to play, to have fun, to encourage the primal parts of ourselves and with my experience of movement, shamanism and love of raw expression I welcome this in you too.

I offer a neutral space that is open to individuals, partnerships and groups of all sexual orientations, gender identities and relationship dynamics.To find out more about Sue and their work click here |

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