About Raminta and Gili

Raminta brings ceremony and ritual into her facilitation.

In her events people feel safe, non judged and welcomed with their authentic juicy selves.

She brings 8 years of experience in organizing various events. From personal development, ecstatic dance and conscious events, temples up to psytrance/techno parties and business-oriented events.

For the past year, she has co-developed and held space in the weekly „Saturday lockdown dances“ with bigger groups. aka FlowMotion Dance.

She has accomplished a 100hours Tantra massage course, organized and facilitated Temple nights and Temple weekend retreats. At the moment she is organizing dance and Temple events.


Gili is a pleasure activist and Temple Whore, called to hold trauma informed spaces of permission, consent education and conscious relating.

As an aspirant of devotional Tantra, Gili’s aligned with an approach founded in love, presence, polarity, ritual and expansion. These practices are further informed by a Queer understanding of life, sexuality, and gender as abundant spectrums and a commitment to challenging power structures and paradigms which act to indoctrinate and dissociate body from spirit.

Drawing from training in a wide variety of body and energy work modalities, they offer an integrated practice of expressing, experiencing, and honoring the holistic body through intimacy, touch, communication, movement, trauma release, shadow work, pleasure, and play.

Click here for more Infos about „Day Temple Snow Leopard“, Berlin, March5.