Invitation to the „Find your own Flow“ Intensive Group

You are a unique being created to be permanently in your flow. Already noticed?

Being in flow is a state in which you draw fully on your own power resources without exhausting yourself. In flow, you follow your body’s energy flow more than your mind makes decisions. In flow, things come easily to you without you shying away from challenges. On the contrary, you stay with yourself, go your way, only you no longer dwell on things that are not yours. You can stop trying to be someone you’re not. You get to find your natural comfort zone, because that’s where your strengths lie.

To stand beside you in this process, we have created the „Find your own Flow“ groups. This is an invitation to a 10-week exploration to build and nurture your relationship with your own inner guidance and energy flow. Our compass is the Human Design System, process and feelings work is our sail that moves us forward, and the group is our ship that grounds us on the transformational journey.

450/300/150 depending on income

free intro evenings:
Sept 21st  (in English))
Sept 22nd  (in German)
Sept 28th  (in English)
Oct 6th  (in German)

Wednesday group (in English) Oct 12th – Dec 14th
Thursday group (in German) Oct 13th – Dec 15th

more info: www.human-design-lab-berlin.com