Biohackers Berlin

Dear community, we’re a growing community called „Biohackers Berlin“.

We are a non-profit community with bi-weekly meet-ups where we discuss topics around living longer, healthier and happier. 🙂

Our latest topics/workshops were around breathwork and ice bathing.

We want to remain inclusive (no energy Exchange charged) and we’re still the the phase of building and growing and organizing.

At the moment we’re searching for free rooms that we can use once or twice a month.

Our idea is to rotate locations as our members come from different parts of the city. I

t would help us a lot to get a little support from the community in this. You’re also welcome to join our Telegram group. Check „Biohackers Berlin“.

Or click: https://t.me/+KiTQeAADQ1c5NTAy