Dear tantric friends and companions on the path
How about swapping the body – the film Out of My Skin – highly recommended (!), depicts that. The protagonists explore their physicality in amazement and experience limitations but also new possibilities. However, we can also find new possibilities and a completely new body feeling in the very body we inhibit in right now!
We invite you after our winter break on Saturday, March 18th from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m., to a special tantric room:
– With fire, light and darkness
– With meditation, movement to music, mindfulness and encounter
to encounter yourself, the others and the spring.
With touch, scent and plants. Please register at dylancat@web.de. Contribution to costs: 38 € plus, if you can afford it, additional contribution of 5 € for the firewood and heat according to your own assessment.
As usual, please bring something to eat and share for the get-together afterwards: bread, cake, salad, side dishes such as olives, sheep or goat cheese, etc.
We look forward to you!
Sam + Dita
No previous knowledge is required, but the willingness to engage with different people and their bodies without prejudice.
You can find more information in our FAQ at www.queer-tantra.berlin, there are also other texts in the blog.