EROS 24/7 – Artist in Residence Programm

 19. – 24. September 2023 in Alsace, France, near CH-Border

What do we do?

For 6 days and 5 nights, a group of artists and muses explores how erotic desire and fantasies affect inspiration and production of art. Artistic means are one’s own erogenous body, the written and spoken word, the voice, movement, musical and visual techniques. By means of artistic exchange, the group strives to analyze, share and realize erotic desire and fantasies. This creates a fantasy world and leads to the creation of special works of art.

What do our erotic dreams mean in the cultural-historical dimension? And what role does the daimon Eros play in our fantasies, who, if one follows Plato and Socrates, mediates between the human and the divine world (cf. “Symposium”)? Based on the art from different epochs and countries, contemporary interpretations and implementations should be suggested. In concrete terms, this artist in residence training defines itself as a practical research into the erotic desire between self-awareness and a result-oriented art laboratory. Participants use their bodies, contact improvisation, some rituals, dance, meditation, touch, massage and BDSM elements to analyze the impact of desire on creative processes and their outcomes.

The goal is the presentation of solo and group works, which will be documented with text, photo, performance or video art.

The topic of this year is called ‚Jouissance‘ (Enjoyment).

We refer to the field of enjoyment physically-phenomenologically and linguistically-phantastically. Art as a place of experiment and example. The sense and nonsense of enjoyment invite you to dance.

If you are interested in topics such as eroticism, epistemology, pornography, psyche and body, intelligence and existence, and you would like to express these artistically in exchange with one another, take a look at the world of the eros24/7 project.

Art works and photos from the Artist in Residence Programs 2021 and 2022 you can find by visiting www.eliaskirsche.com > EROS 24/7.

Daily structure and schedule

In the morning there will be movement exercises or meditation. Before the afternoon, special workshops and inputs will be offered by organizers and participants, which support the inspiration process and the exchange. The afternoon and evening are reserved for your own artistic production or for working in groups. Work meetings, verbal exchanges, expressive and modern dance and others will be possible. A presentation is planned on Saturday evening.

Check-in: 19.09.23 19:00.
Check-out: 24.09.23 12:00.

Where it takes place?

In Alsace, France, near CH-Border. The place will be communicated after the registration.

Costs: 350 CHF for Housing and food. Tickets/Transport costs must be paid by yourself.

How do I participate?
Registration by email admin@eliaskirsche.com, by phone/WhatsApp: +41 78 87 37 122, or via PM.
We will get in touch with you and send you further information.

Elias will be happy to answer any questions: +41 78 87 37 122.