Farm-Festival 2024 in Berlin: and explore a new, communal culture

A collectively organized festival at the farm in Berlin from August 5th to 11th, 2024

Finally, a festival at the farm!

The place desires to be walked upon by the warm feet of the living; we want to open experimental spaces with you, celebrate Eros and love, of togetherness that is candid, unpretentious, radical, and truthful.

But is there a festival bubble without illusions?

Is our summer get-together something more or different than a distraction from reality? A reality that, in the form of war and suffering, is currently breaking through our hyper-individualized self-optimizing everyday life particularly strongly?

Rarely has this contrast been as significant as today: On the one hand, the present and future seem increasingly bleak. Simultaneously, we persuade ourselves that the only thing that matters is buying the right things, attending the next transformative workshop, getting into the right „mindset“ to defy the general misery.

Do we only have the choice between illusory happiness or real pain? Is pleasure reserved only for the deluded, the conformists, the escapists?

One thing is certain: The tension between happiness and suffering is a challenge for everyone – and fundamentally constitutes our being alive.

At the Farm Festival 2024, we want to delve deep into this tension and explore whether happiness in a heartrending world could not only be possible but even desirable; and furthermore, whether it might be our privileged duty to strive for genuine happiness precisely because the destitute cannot.

We want to explore what it means to have happiness, to be happy, to give direction to the necessary revolt.

We want to invite you to the venture of collectively exploring the anarchic potential of Eros deeper.

And we want to be fools, liberated from seriousness and meaning; to marvel, enjoy, revel in banquets… to simply be joyous without reason.

Let us not push away the reality of unhappiness but rather, as part of reality, take it along while engaging in ecstatic dancing in the farm barn, encounters in the love space, or in the dissolution of an oil action.

Let us live together on the farm for a week, share the longing for genuine happiness, and at the same time, embrace the imperfection of ourselves and the world: co-creative, intensely present, compassionate, solidary, courageous, sensual, serene…

Let us trace a new culture of consciousness that we can all work on together!

We, with a crew comprising Farmies and Farm friends, will ensure a coherent overall structure. This includes organic full-board catering by kitchen professional Ron, daily morning circles, thematic highlights, forums, experimental spaces, workshops, concert evenings, pool parties, oil action…

All rebels, lovers, fools are invited to shape the spirit of the festival: in the form of workshops, sessions, lectures, films, artistic and musical contributions, love-ins… you name it!

Farm Festival: August 5th-11th, 2024

Price for the entire week including accommodation & meals: EUR 695,- (limited number of social and volunteer tickets available: EUR 480,-)

Prices apply for overnight stays in caravans, tents, and group sleeping rooms. A few sleeping options in small rooms are available for an additional fee.

Limited number of participants. Participation only after confirmed registration.

Information, questions & registrations from now on with the subject „Farm Festival“ via: info@diefarm.berlin

We look forward to seeing you! Your Farm Crew

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