Workshop „When women blossom“

By Iva Samina

Imagine a world in which ageing is not something to be feared or fought against, but welcomed.

A world in which the maturing and ripening woman is revered and celebrated for her beauty and wisdom, and where our changing bodies are a testament to the depth and richness of who we are. A world in which the incessant narrative and encouragement to reverse ageing becomes obsolete and where elders are given their rightful place again.

Imagine it’s up to us to create this world.

When Women Blossom: a Celebration of the Wisening Woman is an invitation for women over the age of 40 to come together and explore the topic of age: what it means to us in our current realities, and how we might support one another to positively and proactively shape this.

What exactly are the dynamics behind our ageist cultural conditioning and how might I have internalised this? What are the ways in which I have suffered due to this, such as judging my appearance, doubting my value and comparing myself to others?

Making space for any grief or rage that arises, we ask ourselves what we are ready to let go of, so that we can create space for something new and life-affirming to take root and blossom.
Who am I beyond my conditioning? How do I want to feel? What new and empowered framings, narratives and perspectives might we be inspired to create together?

Through personal and shared enquiry, simple rituals and embodied practices we will create a field of playfulness, trust and curiosity where each woman is invited to reconnect with her blossoming, her individual essence and her gratitude and appreciation for her body. Bringing together our individual journeys and learnings, we will harvest our collective wisdom together and shape this new world, in which the beauty of the wisening woman is celebrated.

Anyone who identifies as a woman, over the age of 40.

October 7th 19:00 – 21:30 Supper Club
October 8th 10:00 – 19:00 Workshop day 1
October 9th 10:00 – 17:00 Workshop day 2

Life Artists Creators Hub
Milastraße 4 10437 Berlin
259 EUR or 229 EUR per person when you bring a friend.

Register: Please send an email to iva@ivasamina.com